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Guncoin (GUN) has changed to a non-standard blocktemplate and can no longer be mined on this pool. It will be removed compltely in the coming days after final payouts are made.
The profit scaling facator has been updated to be in line with other pools. Changed algos: blake2s lyra2v2 lyra2v3 myr-gr scrypt skein timetravel tribus x11 x17
Backend changes have been made to stop the Verge (XVG) wallets from disconnecting when one algo is finding too many blocks
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Last 48 Hours
  • Average Hashrate: 9.9 Mh/s
  • BTC Value: 0.00045201
  • BTC/Mh/d: 0.00002282

Last 7 Days
  • Average Hashrate: 14 Mh/s
  • BTC Value: 0.00203776
  • BTC/Mh/d: 0.00002085

Last 30 Days
  • Average Hashrate: 13.8 Mh/s
  • BTC Value: 0.00871412
  • BTC/Mh/d: 0.00002111